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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

* LOVE - what i had encountered * Part 2 (Love and Death)

it's so interesting how * LOVE - what i had encountered * Part 1 * have the highest number of view among all of my posts

this time - i will continue more on the love topic before but in more interesting love topic - LOVE and DEATH

Love, as i explained in part one - it's a kind of relationship in singular or plural form. both derived from a feeling that symbolizes a concentrated expression of needing, care, and the list goes on...

but i have a one million bucks question (which i will not pay you practically) - what if someone that you love dearly - not only love towards wife nor a couple - but towards friends, families and relatives too - DIED?

this post may become a heart-breaker for someone whom encountered such occurrence - whom the person(s) had died, or are currently DIE'ING' ...

i had encountered this for the past one week, how death disturbing the relationship towards persons that whom i known for a long time but suddenly Died tragically...
the story went out like this (i will not state any name) >>>

in the last one week, i keep updated that three persons (whom i know - one of them i loved so much) died tragically.

this post - i will talk on (typing actually) about a girl that i known for more than two years who died two days ago, tragically in a car accidents. we may not have the official ties of lovers like - but we are a definite friends for years. the hope for a friendship that lasts long - stopped - forever - tragically...

this girl is not the sweetest i had ever meet, but one of the most multi-talented person. she might not good at art nor singing ( basically her singing is good, but her art - tumbles in the opposit)  - nah, i'm just joking about that statement, but one thing she really good at - is in becoming a SUPPORTIVE LOVABLE FRIEND ...

our past years are not that great because of we are spending too much time arguing rather than loving each other(as friends) ... i blamed her for so many mistakes ( last year, since i'm the head of our school's Peer Mentors - and she was one of my undermind *hahaha* - i'm just kiddin girl) ... there was one occasion where we have to complete a project - i blamed her for all the bad stuff and take all the good credits, well i'm pathetically sorry for what i had done...

BUT after some times - i found out something, she is the type of person that doesn't care how arguing we are but she tried to make things better - trying to accomplish unfinished work to prove that she is good friend that never gives up....

after years knowing each other - i remember the grand day of apologizing to her - i mentioned ''i'm sorry for what i had done - i respect and LOVE you as a friend'' ...

well, that story took the time 1 year ago - which i recalled - ''i had found one of the greatest LOVED friend ever"

1 year after that - approximately 11 hours before i'm publishing this post - my friend told me (through facebook) - ''she died 3.00 p.m. yesterday after severe injuries from a car accident'' ... there it was, the news that suddenly  cause me in quit a depression, loosing the one whom you LOVES not in an officially related - but in more twisted love - love as a friend ...

after hearing that news, i asked my self, since all human will face death (including me) sooner or later -why is the term LOVE invented since both (or more) parties will leave each other apart?

suddenly - i heard the voice of my instinct telling me '' do not be afraid - go and find LOVE, explore the beauty in this short time as a human - you may never know how interesting LOVE can make you understand more about this piece of short life ''...

end of part two cya ! :)

p/s - we gonna miss you XXXXX ... i hope we can meet each other once more - to tell you how awesome it was having you as a friend... R.I.P XXXXX

Saturday, September 10, 2011

* Cinta and Kentut : Bestfriend forever ! *

CINTA dan KENTUT tidak bisa ditahan, keduanya bisa menjadi lega bila terlaksana.

CINTA tertahan = Sengsara, KENTUT ditahan = Menderita

Kalau CINTA dan KENTUT keras bersuara, tentu perasaan kita lega.

CINTA terkesan malu-malu tapi mau, KENTUT bikin malu-maluin baunya.

CINTA tanpa rasa, bukan CINTA namanya, KENTUT tak berbau, bukan KENTUT namanya.

CINTA itu rapuh, KENTUT itu bau.

CINTA itu halus, KENTUT itu virus.

CINTA diam-diam membuat orang mabuk kepayang, KENTUT diam-diam membuat

orang mabuk kepalang.

CINTA bagi kebanyakan orang muda, “Ahhh, CINTA monyet…!”

KENTUT didepan banyak orang, “Sialan, monyet lu…!”

CINTA dan KENTUT sama-sama sering dicari:

Kalau sudah CINTA: “Dimana engkau duhai kekasih?”

Kalo sudah KENTUT: “Siapa nih yang KENTUT? Hayoo, ngaku gak…?!!!”

CINTA berlebih membuat orang terbuai, KENTUT berlebih membuat orang terkulai.

CINTA menyatukan persepsi, KENTUT menyatukan emosi.

* Who says our Malaysian English is teruk? It's the most interesting version ! *

Who says our English is teruk? 

Just see below - Malaysian English Vs British English


*Just for entertainment reason*

Ours is simple, short, concise, straight-to-point, effective etc:


Britons: I’m sorry, Sir, but we don’t seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.

Malaysians: No Stock.


Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone page for me a few moments ago?

Malaysians: Hello, who page?


Britons: Excuse me, I’d like to get by. Would you please make way?

Malaysians: S-kew me


Britons: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.

Malaysians:No-need, lah.


Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door?

Malaysians: (pointing the door) can ar?


Britons: Please make yourself right at home.

Malaysians: Don’t be shy, lah!


Britons: I don’t recall you giving me the money.

Malaysians: Where got?


Britons: I’d prefer not to do that, if you don’t mind.

Malaysians: Don’t want la…


Britons: Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where you’re coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the issue.

Malaysians: You mad, ah?


Britons: Excuse me, but could you please lower your voice, I’m trying to concentrate over here.

Malaysians: Shut up lah!


Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time.. Do I know you?

Malaysians: See what, see what?


Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.

Malaysians: Die-lah!!


Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?

Malaysians: Wat happen Why like that….


Britons: This isn’t the way to do it, here let me show you,

Malaysians: like that also don’t know how to do!!!!


Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me

Malaysians: Celaka u !

Cya !

Friday, September 9, 2011

* LOVE - what i had encountered * Part 1

whoa - what a title ! i never did write anything about love in any website - soo , this will be 

just a mere experiment on how well Sifu Kenney elaborate things up :D

LOVE ... L to the O the V.... bla bla bla... crap -

this is one of the most spoken words throughout days, years and the list goes on -

what is so special about love? is it another made-up word to fill up Oxford Dick ? oops - dictionary?

love (as my perspective) - are an abstractual relationship that expand through/ between two consecutive parties (or less/more) - in either towards living things or dead (not-so-living) ...

William Shakesphere (miss spelles?) had made a great phenomenon in the 15th century - he wrote thousands of poems, plays - etc. - basically - almost all of his masterpieces revolved around the the main genre - LOVE ....

love might be get awkward - whereby the existence of un-welcomed love ...

namely the all time favourite - gays and lesbians ...

there is more - the unsuprisingly existed - the bisexual...
i'm, not posting this up on purposely blaming nor criticizing any parties but rather sharing my stories about love - that i (may not 100% true) encountered...

my first love - as Bieber quoted in his Baby's lyrics...
took placed when i was a little kid - that doesn't even know how to describe what love is, the purpose nor what caused me getting my self into love.

there was this girl - name - X ... i never talked to her live but, as an alternative - i wrote an immature love note to her...

back then, i recalled some (percentage) of what i stated inside the love note (since - there is no such thing as texting at that time) ...

i wrote - do you love me? (there it was - pathetically embarassing four lines)

she was on the opposite of reluctant - she replied all my notes until the grand day (for a small kid) that she stated in one of the notes : ''couple?"

and i was, whoa ?! what is that? i never heard the word couple except for counting reasons - a 'couple' of bucks ....
so, i was like, she able to 'count' me? is she some type of weirdo?

as an immature kid (approximately this thing took place 6 years ago) - i'm blindly replied a 'yes' ... a terrible 'yes' which i replied on the note : COUNT ME IN ! hahahaha (couple maa- counting reasons)

i will not share thoroughly on that stories - but the ending is - it was the most terrible first love i'd ever had ....

so do you have any love story that might blows you up after remembering the first 'love' word that you said to that 'someone' special?

as for now, the only love that i'm happy with - the love by my families and especially God - the only love that lasts forever ...

i will talk more on this chapter in the future ! c ya :)

* sembang2 --> politik * part 1

English or Malay ? ... kali ni, post pertama aku dalam Bahasa Malaysia... saya x ingin menuding jari dalam post ini kerana terdapat pihak di luar sana yang sedang memerhatikan setiap gerak-geri jaringan sesawang dunia. terutamanya kat negara kita ni.

politik adalah bidang yang tersangatlah menarik berbanding bidang2 lain. agenda2 yang berlaku mampu dimuatkan dalam akhbar setiap hari yg rata2nya berkisar kpda siapa tuding siapa...

biasanya - politik (seperti permainan) adalah antara dua atau lebih pihak. setiap mereka mempunyai manifesto masing2 yang lebih bercirikan kepentingan badan masing2. sperti contoh, jika pihak B ingin menubuhkan jalan raya ke kampung A - pihak P boleh membidas dengan apa cara sekali pun sehingga 'plan' mereka binasa.... so cara mudah nak menang kembali = RASUAH ...

RASUAH = awak jabat-tangan dengan seorang menatang (awak kaya - dia orang tengah) , dalam tangan awak tu ada sampul check, kecik jee, tapi ditulis RM1 000 000 ... manusia memang terkenal dengan hawa nafsunya yg susah untuk dikawal. sememangnya sesiapa yang berada dalam kedudukan pernerima rasuah - kemungkinan untuk menolak adalah sangat tinggi..

kembali semula pada pihak B dan  - dalam badan tersebut (kedua-dua mereka) tidak dapat disahkan mereka betul2 bersih kerana - apa2 pun boleh berlaku.... pabila Pilihan Raya menjelang - kontroversi akan berlaku - pelbagai tohmahan berlaku - agenda2 yang mengaitkan isu perkauman juga mudah berlaku....

persoalan seterusya - siapa yang bertanggungjawab dalam hal ini ? ada ke pertubuhan yang dapat membanteras kes2 ini?

jika kita lihat negara Malaysia - BPRM (badan pencegah rasuah Malaysia - dulu BPR) ditubuhkan oleh perdana menteri kempat pda suatu masa dahulu.... namun terdapat pihak (tidak dinyatakan) yang mempunyai prasangka terhadap kecekapan badan ini untuk mencegah rahsuah. namun demikian, badan ini masih mempunyai kebaikannya dalam 'mengelakkan' rasuah luaran dpd berlaku. tetapi - rasuah dibelakang tabir adalah amat disangkal kemampuannya..

post ini hanya pengetahuan semata2 , tidak melibatkan mana2 pihak (dalam menjunamkan pihak kedalam kontroversi2)

saya akan ulas semula tentang 'politik' pada masa akan datang...

fewah - post pertama ku dalam BM , komen sikit penggunaan tatabahasa yang terpesong ke... babai

Thursday, September 8, 2011

coping up with studies (booring)

recent study conducted by me (not) show that more than a billion hair scattered around the world are cause by pathetic stressful studies (books etc. ) ... hahaha, not really...

the real studies is - i hate studies ... so does billion more human in the world...

so, the questions are, are u one of them? are u able to cope with studies? are u a dog? (just kiddin' for the third question)

in my late teen years ( i just made that standard - i'm 18 years old), it seems study becoming more horrible by the time i entered college. new mathematics subject which obviously ridiculously stranger than standard SPM level... the brand-new physics? aaahhhh, don't mentioned that - each page i flipped (entitled - physics) causes 10 strands of my hair fall down attracted by the gravity by a=9.81 m/s ... (arrgghhh what am i sayin?)
basically, the norm of 21.11th century teens - we (most of us) do not like HARD SUBJECT !

but the fact is - you cannot go with the flow - (we) you must take actions before the letter F+ stamped on your white beautifully un-written exam paper....

our action?

try to love the subject ! ... eventho' it's hard - but with a basin of trust adding up work (i think the ratio is 1% believe  - 99% work)... definitely - success comes near you... try catchin it up... or else, it'll  fly away... hahahaha

so gus - here you have it ... Sifu Kenney's talk have come to it's end . No such thing as study hard (they were - but not fruitful )  - try STUDY smart - much better...

''how did you study kenney?'' ... my answer - ""doodlez up your notes, add some mind-mapin, combine with colors - your brain definitely will absorb what you had learn""

that's all... much hate from kenney (oops, LOVE) to Mr. Physics and Mt. Maths... less than three (<3)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Religiously un religious - frank talk -

let us talk something a bit 'controversyioustcal' - hahaha !

it's obvious there are (i guess) thousands type of religion out there that spread across the globe...
three major religion (that i know)  are Christian, Islam and Jews . i will not talk on that further ( that's the sensitive issues)

what i will talk (type to be exact) is on one should have there own religion (he/she may choose or born with), he importance of religion and something changes happened through religion (in me).

i am proud young dude born in a Catholic family
. my family went to church almost every sunday, attend church activities, praying a lot and more. these basically (guess-so) completely enough for a balanced christian family.

what i had learnt lately is that religion is important as life is. religion - no matter what it is - they gave sense of comfort in life making humanity knows truly their purpose in life from A to Z. I as a Catholic - in my early years - it is hard for me to understand the critical side of religion. i tend to lot of unnecessary things such as stealing stuffs, lie almost 24/7, disrespect my parents and the list counts so on.

i my teenage years, something struck me - a question - ''eh? here will i go after i'm dead?''

''do God exist?''

                                                                                                     ''what am i doing?''

i become more suspicious how things would end up in a lump-sum way. i meant - when i die - IT ALL ENDS ... that question kinda creep me up in my teens life, the glorious moment that kept bothered by one question - ''what am i...?''

i started to attend lot of religious activities including catholic camp, church choir and so on -

this one special activity - conducted around feb 2010 - my sense of questionatic diminished in one single activity called ''Pemulihan Batin'' (that words in malay, i'm not sure the english translation).

during that crucial 2 hours of long waiting, something touch me - not physically but emotionally...

suddenly i remembered all the bad things i've done including what i mention in above part - i summarize up that - my childhood moment is a total mess ! i'm left alone by friends, i felt less loved by my xxxxxx ... something that tearing me apart try to go deeper in my thoughts - that's the moment i tried to release them - or better block them away forever and ever achieving great comfort life....

a sudden occurence happen whereby i sense something - the awe presence of power - maybe that's God or Spirit? a sense of awe struck me - joyful moment drip - seep deep into me . alas ! a sence of joy reappear. comfort - too much to tell!

i am deeply touch during that short 2 hours - i (kinda) hear a whisper saying ''do not be afraid - i will always be there for you'' ... i was tremble by the sense of comfort, (kinda) cried a lot durig that very moment.

this is not a lecture or something - but kinda a frank talk that symbolizes the deep importance of religion that give one ultramost feeling - a sense of belonging to someone ultrahigh special...

summarizing up all i'd mentioned - now, i am deeply changed in many different interesting aspect, how i observe thing and digest it back becoming a thought is far different than how i perpetuate those things before - looooooong before i touched by HIM ... the special God...

no matter what religion you are in - live it, embrace the teaching to the fullest - two words - THEY'RE AWESOME !

Sarawak, after 3 months here ... a journey to share

i deeply remember the day i checked my university offer through online... there i was, can't believe the fact that i'm heading to Sarawak on 22nd of May 2011... a NEW journey began

i am surprisingly did not bothered how things did went as i planned... recalling back the moment i was chosen for National Service Programme (PLKN) located in Rawang, Selangor.

during that very week, my father were my biggest cherio
s.. cheering me  up in every single aspect...

the morning of 22nd May - i was at the airport, hour before my first flight to Sarawak.  questions hit my mind - ''how will i survive without my parents, home, etc.'' - that moment, the first of home sickness couldn't let me go...

evening of 22nd May - after a hour and a half boring flight, it was my first ever step to sarawak... the state famous with it's diversity of hornbill species... my feeling is in disgust... a mixture of every type of taste - happy, sad, clue-less = the taste of abstractual puke...

one week after - i finished attending the UiTM Samarahan Mingu Destini Siswa (or better pronounced - orientation week)... it was vicioulsly filled with anger as i hate that week... no further elaboration, just hate... not pure - a silly mixture actually...

time flew leaving me consciously unconscious ... a deep awake-slept that kept me from tracking where time hiding themselves (a good metaphore eh'?)

today, 6th of September - the date, 22nd of May is just another memory of mine, sort of fading away glooming into nowhere... i've meet various type of people here - that constantly changes with time... sharing joyous moments, laugh, (definitely not crying) together... i'm coping up with studies eventho' physics one of my fearsome subject that creeping me out...

as a conclusion after the long bla, bla, bla - recalling back - time just cannot wait for us.  it's purely the vicious motif God created for us to fill moments in it. either joyous - or - un-so-joyous....

take the time, a moment at a time but don't waste them, just go with the flow, i'm not saying you have to do everything so righteously ... just have fun but not exceeding the limits...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another stupidity post of mine :)

hello there unexpected reader! i guess you guys certainly been bored with all my non-sensual post below (or left, right, up)....

just now, i just finished my Basic Englishe Learning lecture. It was plain fun (not  boring) although i'd slept for few minutes back then. My lecturer Miss X taught us something interesting just now.

how young kids  have their own facebook for the sake of farmville  ! Obviously - what the hell.

Their parents should seriously pay more attention on what their child are up to, who knows, they end-up in a pornography website? Just imagine, how a clean child saw such thing (i'm laughing right now)

well, to tell you guys not so truth, i subscribed my first social networking site back in 2007, that time - i am still in primary 2 (14 years old). When i'm signing up friendster, there were one  boxes stated with TERMS and CONDITIONS. Since i'm pathetically UN-INTERESTED i just bypass the reading and go with the click.

i just broke the ethical norm of our people! my first web crime of course.

i'm thankfulllllll to God because not ending-up on bad things in friendster and just go with the flow, no pornography what so ever... but, i realises, this sites to have their own benefits that surprisingly important for each one of us - such as, reduces our stresses, alleviate our mood (nah i'm started to talk nonsense)

well, guys, i sit firm on my chair pointed out they maybe bad effects subscribing such social networking site nevertheless the good benefits (sorry for my awfully bad manglish)... but keep in mind, try to differentiate all the advantages, disadvantages of choosing your act... you may found this thought will be useful rather than regretting the rest of your life for undergoing mistakes of your life...

After months un-updated ... here are my stories

Hmm, after months - i have not updated my blog since... (this post will be sort of manglish malaysian-english if you're askin) ...
it's been a while now, i've came up with various interesting post recently - especially on politics (i will not type on that)
love, romance, friends couple a few days and then breaking up with stupid reasons - that's creep me out .........
i saw my followers board just now, and i'm not upset with that number i have, tho' my friends got hundreds more, no biggie.
 last week is a terrible week of mine, concluding that many 'bad things' happened, including uncofidential love story, meeting up with ghosts (haha), spending my Raya holiday with bunch of people who (including me) cannot afford flight ticket (another haha)...

during that holiday, i learn something which i strongly agree - it's a valuable lesson...  i'm not going to give you guys some checklist or something but -  i'm just going to summarise the diamond things...
during that excruciating holiday, i ran out of money. summing up what's left in my pocket and in my atm (the governments' act) i left only RM50.00 (approximately 15USD).... and it is a definite terrible thing!

during that moment, it was still in the early stage of holiday means i have one week to go.... it was a depressing moment tho. i'm kinda kind of kindful person that lovess to spend some bucks, hanging out with idiotic friends, but not with the chicks. Hahaha...

after, several days, crunching up instantaneous noodles manufactured by Maggie, it's seems oblivious that i need to make a step, not buglaring a house but finding a way to cope with my rumbling stomach.....

you might be asking, why the hell you one idiotic blogger did'nt ask money from your parents nor your siblings... '' i just can't do it seeing my family's financial status - not that poor nor rich typho''

my first of all first major step is buying more INSTANT NOODLES! ... haha, how lane the taste of msg (monosodium glutamate) drenching up with my pittyful saliva, drowning down my little anus and uretha... obviously a bad metaphore....

my second of first step is, repeat my first step.

well that's all guys. i think i'm out of topic... any way, adios !... hahaha