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Saturday, December 17, 2011

20 000 views? Why not 20 000 followers?

i had this blog since May 2009.... since then, i never knew (until September 2011) how to use it...last September, i logged in and randomly created several posts including  the love post (i randomly made) ...

i logged out and felt kinda bored with blogging...

after 4-5 days, i logged in back my blog account and found out, there's one typical post * LOVE - what i had encountered * Part 1 i made strike 600-800 views per day... wow, i never knew such childish post of mine could gain that much of attention!

                      i heard my friend told me that 
they are just some lost internet users 
whom randomly scattered all over the world... lost or not, this really 'umphed' up my will in blogging!

since then, there are few posts that strikes 500-600 views per/day and from there i never care how many followers i have but how many people out there that interested enough to read my blog...

at least, someone could reach out my perspectives toward everything i encountered...

may be 1million view per day in the future? wow

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jealous of your friends? #1

yeah - this is a fact, where majority of people jealous of each other.....
i'm proud to say that i'm one of them, seeking for a sense of pride where my friend had it first, wanting this and wanting that....

for years I've been searching why such thing happen, finally i found it, i'm lack of appreciating things that i had and things seem not enough, as in 24/7

yeah, teenagers basically have this pandemic attitude, watching their friends holding an i phone where his/her parents cannot afford that, but still in a craze for it....

then she/he goes to (let use he) his dad, saying - ''daddy, daddy, my phone is kinda not satisfying my needs, can you buy me an i phone? i heard it's getting cheaper now.... only USD699!'' (whereby his dad's salary is merely USD1000 per month and still expecting his dad to spent 1/4 of his dad's monthly salary.....

why do such things happen? more like a pandemic actually.... new things come out, i.e. the sleek Samsung Galaxy S2 which kids nowadays are in craze of owning such seducing gadget.... beggin heir parents for additional USD700 just to own such impressive technology but in the end become a waste in 5 months time....

so how to overcome this influenza?  appreciate on what you have, if you're still have a nicely working 2008's manufactured NOKIA or any other brand use it until you're really really really needs a new one.....

before you're making a sudden choice. i.e. try to think deep how hard your parents (for the middle and lower class family) for the money,,, sometimes, letting go a USD10 alone (your parents) can become alarmingly hard....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lets find the the HIDDEN TIDER

in the picture, there's a tiger, can you find the hidden tiger?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kerana Facebook : Because of Facebook

Kerana facebook : Daripada Kawan Bertukar Musuh
Kerana facebook : Couple Boleh Gaduh Sebab Cemburu
Kerana facebook : Pasangan Couple Boleh Berpisah
Kerana facebook : Kawan Lupa Kawan
Kerana facebook : Kita Menipu Diri Sendiri
Kerana facebook : Kita Tertipu
Kerana facebook : Wujudnya Adik-Beradik Angkat
Kerana facebook : Kita Tak Tidur & Tak Makan
Because  of facebook: From a childhood friend they easily becomes our enemy
  of facebook: Couple fight for jealousy over simple little 'post'

  of facebook: Couple can easily separated and re-'couple'
Because  of facebook: Friends forgetting their friends
Because  of facebook: We cheating ourselves
Because  of facebook: We are cheated
Because  of facebook: The existence of fake siblings
Because  of facebook: We are forgetting sleeping & eating

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Who Is This Person Called - Justin Drew Bieber #Artist 1

it's been a while since we saw a teen (more like a kiddo) performer, the last; most memorable too ! - Aaron Carter which i believe he's definitely talented (that time)...|

on the year 2008, there's a video goes viral posted by an account called kidrauhl...

in the video, there's one kid singing Chris Brown's (maybe) song... during the year 2008, very little number of videos got so much attention - reaching the millions of viewers! only few videos reach 100 000 000 number of viewers such as ''Charlie bit my finger!''

so that kid (Justin D. Bieber/ Justin Bieber) get so much attention, about the time he was going to sign of an album contract, there's one Hollywood celeb that really eager to make business with him - Usher
bla bla bla - Justin Bieber first debut album came out, the most unforgettable one is the Baby's track...,

my first time hearing that song, i'm so mesmerize thinking that the song sang by a beautiful girl! my friend told me that she is actually a he! it's quite puke'able' remembering moments i was dreaming of the 'unknown' singer!

he was just 14 years old during that time! no wonder his voice doesn't cracked yet, strangely such kid have a late puberty phase change!

so i wonder, what will this kid sounds like after 6 or even 7 years? i saw his recent concert (in youtube of course) singing his brought-him-to-fame song, baby... the song's key have been lowered, i heard a ''manly'' voice, high pitch part seems so flattering flat!

i do believe, even my dorm-mate can sing better than him, even plays guitar and drum better than this Bieber guy!

so why is this kid so famous than other more talented kids out there, the answer is, it's every girl expectation of alluring handsome guy, the Bieber trademark hair-whip, the bla bla bla (yeah it's rather awkward for a guy to describe this)

my prediction :
1- this Bieber guy will not lasts long in Holywood's music industry
2- his voice are not fully breaks yet, lets wait 2 or 3 years more, how awfully his performance in live... every of his old songs' key are lowered...
3- controversy will kill him slowly, drifted in Holywood sea of controversy that consumed thousands of artists, some get killed by their own actions (i.e. drugs etc)

but if knows that what will he face in the future and act know, or better, leave the Holywood industry that killing him with fame, he'll survive long...

p/s yo Bieber, if you're reading this, go save yourself rather than consumed by the ultra-fame you got there... 10 years ahead you'll become more like Aaron Carter as in now, his once millions of fans reduced which merely reach few hundred of thousands or maybe less!

to all Beliebers out there, i'm sorry if you get mad, this is plainly my perception...

Monday, December 5, 2011


╲┃╰╯╰╯┃ ╲╲╲ .WE WISH YOU A MERRY    |
┗┫╭━━╮┣┛╲╲╰┳╮ CHRISTMASS !!!!!!!!!!!|
   ┃┗━━┛┃ ╲━━━╯╰━━━━━━━━━━╯
╲╲┛╲╲┗╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲ ***********************************************************:>:>:>:>:>

don't you guys love Christmas? the joy, the songs--- ooh, especially the food... it's superbly an awesome holiday special!

i'm a proud Malaysian -yeah there's no snows here, i'm so happy to see that some Malaysian is celebrating this cool event too!

so let me share you some experiences i had during my past Christmas..

last Christmas (like every other Christmas) - i love to sit in the choir section of our church..
i'm quite a fanatic of singing especially if its related to any special event, well you know it - CHRISTMAS! 

since i'm studying far from my motherland - i learnt that, no matter where i am, the spirit of Christmas could never be take away from me, mainly to remember the birth of Jesus Christ...

so i've found this one friend of mine, living under the same roof, a Christian too - we made this short Christmas carols cover just to revive up our Christmas spirit within our heart !

p/s we forget some of the lyrics - it's just a rookie attempt....ahahahahahaha

Saturday, December 3, 2011

* LOVE - what i had encountered * Part 3 (should I continue my relationship? )

sequence - PART 3

Should I Continue My Relationship?

recently many of my facebook friends whom about to finish their early studies posted -

'' exams finished! now what, continue or bye bye hunn?''

NOW, let Sifu Kenney speaks out loud (type actually)  - it depends...
you have three options ;

1# Continue
3# Yeah, i'm sorry, good bye ex-hunn
2# lets wait until the TIME comes... (1 or 3 or 2 ?)

(1#) CONTINUE : for some cases, you should continue if both parties understand the consequences they'll facing in the future... it'll be a mixture of cons and pros...

example 1# (a) : you're not a student, have a promising job and good salary, knows methods to cure one's (of both parties) problems...

example 1# (b) : you known her (in a relationship form) for such a long time and understand each other feelings... does she/ he really need you? you should know after >5years together...

(3#) YEAH I'M SORRY : another case is that people are not serious enough in their relationship...

example 3# (a) : yeah, i'm still young (we are young la la la~) i don't need him/ her... she's/ he's just a decoration - more like a trend...

example 3# (b) : refer above (it's the same - no commitment)

(2#) LETS WAIT UNTIL : this case arguably the most suitable for those who are still studying and have the commitment to wait until each other achieve their ambitions...

example 2# (a) : she/ he studying theeeerreeeeeee, i'm here.... separated hundreds of miles apart....

example 2# (b) : she/ he doesn't ready yet, one of you are still in the progress of making decisions...


there you have it * LOVE - what i had encountered * Part 1

in part 3 form

i'm not a pro in relationship issues, but i can trash out some bombastic ideas... c'ya in part #4 :D
(p/s - sorry for the awful number of grammatical errors and do not follow my advise if you got better plans)