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Thursday, September 8, 2011

coping up with studies (booring)

recent study conducted by me (not) show that more than a billion hair scattered around the world are cause by pathetic stressful studies (books etc. ) ... hahaha, not really...

the real studies is - i hate studies ... so does billion more human in the world...

so, the questions are, are u one of them? are u able to cope with studies? are u a dog? (just kiddin' for the third question)

in my late teen years ( i just made that standard - i'm 18 years old), it seems study becoming more horrible by the time i entered college. new mathematics subject which obviously ridiculously stranger than standard SPM level... the brand-new physics? aaahhhh, don't mentioned that - each page i flipped (entitled - physics) causes 10 strands of my hair fall down attracted by the gravity by a=9.81 m/s ... (arrgghhh what am i sayin?)
basically, the norm of 21.11th century teens - we (most of us) do not like HARD SUBJECT !

but the fact is - you cannot go with the flow - (we) you must take actions before the letter F+ stamped on your white beautifully un-written exam paper....

our action?

try to love the subject ! ... eventho' it's hard - but with a basin of trust adding up work (i think the ratio is 1% believe  - 99% work)... definitely - success comes near you... try catchin it up... or else, it'll  fly away... hahahaha

so gus - here you have it ... Sifu Kenney's talk have come to it's end . No such thing as study hard (they were - but not fruitful )  - try STUDY smart - much better...

''how did you study kenney?'' ... my answer - ""doodlez up your notes, add some mind-mapin, combine with colors - your brain definitely will absorb what you had learn""

that's all... much hate from kenney (oops, LOVE) to Mr. Physics and Mt. Maths... less than three (<3)


  1. dear physic and math,
    go buy a calculator and solve your on problem.

  2. F for fairies...follow me!