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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Religiously un religious - frank talk -

let us talk something a bit 'controversyioustcal' - hahaha !

it's obvious there are (i guess) thousands type of religion out there that spread across the globe...
three major religion (that i know)  are Christian, Islam and Jews . i will not talk on that further ( that's the sensitive issues)

what i will talk (type to be exact) is on one should have there own religion (he/she may choose or born with), he importance of religion and something changes happened through religion (in me).

i am proud young dude born in a Catholic family
. my family went to church almost every sunday, attend church activities, praying a lot and more. these basically (guess-so) completely enough for a balanced christian family.

what i had learnt lately is that religion is important as life is. religion - no matter what it is - they gave sense of comfort in life making humanity knows truly their purpose in life from A to Z. I as a Catholic - in my early years - it is hard for me to understand the critical side of religion. i tend to lot of unnecessary things such as stealing stuffs, lie almost 24/7, disrespect my parents and the list counts so on.

i my teenage years, something struck me - a question - ''eh? here will i go after i'm dead?''

''do God exist?''

                                                                                                     ''what am i doing?''

i become more suspicious how things would end up in a lump-sum way. i meant - when i die - IT ALL ENDS ... that question kinda creep me up in my teens life, the glorious moment that kept bothered by one question - ''what am i...?''

i started to attend lot of religious activities including catholic camp, church choir and so on -

this one special activity - conducted around feb 2010 - my sense of questionatic diminished in one single activity called ''Pemulihan Batin'' (that words in malay, i'm not sure the english translation).

during that crucial 2 hours of long waiting, something touch me - not physically but emotionally...

suddenly i remembered all the bad things i've done including what i mention in above part - i summarize up that - my childhood moment is a total mess ! i'm left alone by friends, i felt less loved by my xxxxxx ... something that tearing me apart try to go deeper in my thoughts - that's the moment i tried to release them - or better block them away forever and ever achieving great comfort life....

a sudden occurence happen whereby i sense something - the awe presence of power - maybe that's God or Spirit? a sense of awe struck me - joyful moment drip - seep deep into me . alas ! a sence of joy reappear. comfort - too much to tell!

i am deeply touch during that short 2 hours - i (kinda) hear a whisper saying ''do not be afraid - i will always be there for you'' ... i was tremble by the sense of comfort, (kinda) cried a lot durig that very moment.

this is not a lecture or something - but kinda a frank talk that symbolizes the deep importance of religion that give one ultramost feeling - a sense of belonging to someone ultrahigh special...

summarizing up all i'd mentioned - now, i am deeply changed in many different interesting aspect, how i observe thing and digest it back becoming a thought is far different than how i perpetuate those things before - looooooong before i touched by HIM ... the special God...

no matter what religion you are in - live it, embrace the teaching to the fullest - two words - THEY'RE AWESOME !

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