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Monday, September 5, 2011

Another stupidity post of mine :)

hello there unexpected reader! i guess you guys certainly been bored with all my non-sensual post below (or left, right, up)....

just now, i just finished my Basic Englishe Learning lecture. It was plain fun (not  boring) although i'd slept for few minutes back then. My lecturer Miss X taught us something interesting just now.

how young kids  have their own facebook for the sake of farmville  ! Obviously - what the hell.

Their parents should seriously pay more attention on what their child are up to, who knows, they end-up in a pornography website? Just imagine, how a clean child saw such thing (i'm laughing right now)

well, to tell you guys not so truth, i subscribed my first social networking site back in 2007, that time - i am still in primary 2 (14 years old). When i'm signing up friendster, there were one  boxes stated with TERMS and CONDITIONS. Since i'm pathetically UN-INTERESTED i just bypass the reading and go with the click.

i just broke the ethical norm of our people! my first web crime of course.

i'm thankfulllllll to God because not ending-up on bad things in friendster and just go with the flow, no pornography what so ever... but, i realises, this sites to have their own benefits that surprisingly important for each one of us - such as, reduces our stresses, alleviate our mood (nah i'm started to talk nonsense)

well, guys, i sit firm on my chair pointed out they maybe bad effects subscribing such social networking site nevertheless the good benefits (sorry for my awfully bad manglish)... but keep in mind, try to differentiate all the advantages, disadvantages of choosing your act... you may found this thought will be useful rather than regretting the rest of your life for undergoing mistakes of your life...

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