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Saturday, December 17, 2011

20 000 views? Why not 20 000 followers?

i had this blog since May 2009.... since then, i never knew (until September 2011) how to use it...last September, i logged in and randomly created several posts including  the love post (i randomly made) ...

i logged out and felt kinda bored with blogging...

after 4-5 days, i logged in back my blog account and found out, there's one typical post * LOVE - what i had encountered * Part 1 i made strike 600-800 views per day... wow, i never knew such childish post of mine could gain that much of attention!

                      i heard my friend told me that 
they are just some lost internet users 
whom randomly scattered all over the world... lost or not, this really 'umphed' up my will in blogging!

since then, there are few posts that strikes 500-600 views per/day and from there i never care how many followers i have but how many people out there that interested enough to read my blog...

at least, someone could reach out my perspectives toward everything i encountered...

may be 1million view per day in the future? wow

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