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Monday, December 5, 2011


╲┃╰╯╰╯┃ ╲╲╲ .WE WISH YOU A MERRY    |
┗┫╭━━╮┣┛╲╲╰┳╮ CHRISTMASS !!!!!!!!!!!|
   ┃┗━━┛┃ ╲━━━╯╰━━━━━━━━━━╯
╲╲┛╲╲┗╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲╲ ***********************************************************:>:>:>:>:>

don't you guys love Christmas? the joy, the songs--- ooh, especially the food... it's superbly an awesome holiday special!

i'm a proud Malaysian -yeah there's no snows here, i'm so happy to see that some Malaysian is celebrating this cool event too!

so let me share you some experiences i had during my past Christmas..

last Christmas (like every other Christmas) - i love to sit in the choir section of our church..
i'm quite a fanatic of singing especially if its related to any special event, well you know it - CHRISTMAS! 

since i'm studying far from my motherland - i learnt that, no matter where i am, the spirit of Christmas could never be take away from me, mainly to remember the birth of Jesus Christ...

so i've found this one friend of mine, living under the same roof, a Christian too - we made this short Christmas carols cover just to revive up our Christmas spirit within our heart !

p/s we forget some of the lyrics - it's just a rookie attempt....ahahahahahaha

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