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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Who Is This Person Called - Justin Drew Bieber #Artist 1

it's been a while since we saw a teen (more like a kiddo) performer, the last; most memorable too ! - Aaron Carter which i believe he's definitely talented (that time)...|

on the year 2008, there's a video goes viral posted by an account called kidrauhl...

in the video, there's one kid singing Chris Brown's (maybe) song... during the year 2008, very little number of videos got so much attention - reaching the millions of viewers! only few videos reach 100 000 000 number of viewers such as ''Charlie bit my finger!''

so that kid (Justin D. Bieber/ Justin Bieber) get so much attention, about the time he was going to sign of an album contract, there's one Hollywood celeb that really eager to make business with him - Usher
bla bla bla - Justin Bieber first debut album came out, the most unforgettable one is the Baby's track...,

my first time hearing that song, i'm so mesmerize thinking that the song sang by a beautiful girl! my friend told me that she is actually a he! it's quite puke'able' remembering moments i was dreaming of the 'unknown' singer!

he was just 14 years old during that time! no wonder his voice doesn't cracked yet, strangely such kid have a late puberty phase change!

so i wonder, what will this kid sounds like after 6 or even 7 years? i saw his recent concert (in youtube of course) singing his brought-him-to-fame song, baby... the song's key have been lowered, i heard a ''manly'' voice, high pitch part seems so flattering flat!

i do believe, even my dorm-mate can sing better than him, even plays guitar and drum better than this Bieber guy!

so why is this kid so famous than other more talented kids out there, the answer is, it's every girl expectation of alluring handsome guy, the Bieber trademark hair-whip, the bla bla bla (yeah it's rather awkward for a guy to describe this)

my prediction :
1- this Bieber guy will not lasts long in Holywood's music industry
2- his voice are not fully breaks yet, lets wait 2 or 3 years more, how awfully his performance in live... every of his old songs' key are lowered...
3- controversy will kill him slowly, drifted in Holywood sea of controversy that consumed thousands of artists, some get killed by their own actions (i.e. drugs etc)

but if knows that what will he face in the future and act know, or better, leave the Holywood industry that killing him with fame, he'll survive long...

p/s yo Bieber, if you're reading this, go save yourself rather than consumed by the ultra-fame you got there... 10 years ahead you'll become more like Aaron Carter as in now, his once millions of fans reduced which merely reach few hundred of thousands or maybe less!

to all Beliebers out there, i'm sorry if you get mad, this is plainly my perception...

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