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Friday, November 25, 2011

This World Wide Web Is NASTY !

entire life, i spent hundreds maybe thousands of hours on the computer, being so fascinated on the internet... i even sees things more differently and at the same time my English has improved... a lot...

so, there was this one day, a normal day (untill...) my facebook friend, posted something on my wall...

'' ouh ouh, kenney, this is freaking awesome... you better look at this while eating http:// blah blah blah '', Mr. XXX

my curiosity was boiling at the time i saw that link... 2 Girls 1 Cup?

what the hell is that? as i am a bit careful guy, i searched ''2 Girls 1 Cup'' on youtube, after pressing the search button, thousands of videos came right up which having almost the same title = 2 Girls 1 Cup REACTIONs ?

reaction compilations vid

people basically puked after watching this girls and cup thingy... but none of these videos shows the exact videos that i need, the real cups and girly lesbian thing !

upon almost giving up, jeng jeng jeng (background musics), alas ! one video posted a link on the Reaction Vids, but he stated before the link : Beware... None of my responsibilities after you watched this video ! : http:// bla bla bla. coom

ok ok ... i'm sorry for typing to much, i bet by this line you are moaning, what the hell this guy typed out so much words... hahaha, well, it's my ''born this way'' nature !

so i practically watched the videos, alone, eating some ordinary Malaysian food... PLAY

so starting out, it plays music, nicely played by a professional pianist... then there were these two girls playing with their private upper parts (you know what i meant), so i thought, porno video?

my curiosity kept my eyes staring at the two girls, not beautiful, so much like a whXre

then, this one girl start to let out her shi.t a.ka the POO a.k.a her feaces right out the normal odinary human output inside this POOR NICELY MADE GLASS CUP... both of the girls look soooooooo calm, even the camera guy/girl didn't have any disgusting reactions...

so it continues...

THEY START TO LICK, EAT, THE SHXT ON THE CUP ok ok... i can't go on, maybe i'll post more in the part two section... c ya... (puked)...

wanna see that vid? search it yourself, i warned you, it's damn disgusting...

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